Coronavirus Vaccine and Cure – Latest Update

Are you ready to fight coronavirus? But how long?

Coronavirus or COVID- 19  was found back in 2002-04 in china as SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome And in 2012 in Saudi Arabia as MARS or Middle east respiratory syndrome. As coronavirus shares 80%- 90% similar genetic material with SARS, a company named Maryland-based Novavax, is re-proposed to make the vaccine as they made the SARS vaccine earlier. About 35 companies are trying to create the vaccine, at least four of them have been already tested the prototype on animals.

So is the vaccine ready? The answer is ‘No’. Still, there is no authentic vaccine of coronavirus.

China shares the genetic sequences that cause COVID -19 previously in January with the scientists of all around the world. Some scientists are working on creating a vaccine against the protein contained by its crown, membranes, and envelop. But there are still some issues with human trials of the vaccines. Vaccines are tested in some step and should be followed strictly. If you choose any shortcut they can do reverse effect by working in favor of their own which may aggravate the disease. Human trial mainly consists of three basic steps. These are

  • Phase 1: vaccine should be given to the healthy human body to see its immune response.
  • Phase 2: then it will be given to a hundred people
  • Phase 3: then 1000 people will be given

Without trial of these phases, the FDA can’t be able to decide the vaccine is actually safe and effective.

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If it is found safe and effective, then the FDA will give permission to produce the vaccine to different companies. Due to the crisis FDA already gives permission to some companies to produce it on the basis of its animal trial. So it is still uncertain either it is effective or the company will face a big amount of loss. The scientists are hopeful that it will take one year to 18 months to create the vaccine.

Now the most important question is how will we get the vaccine? The vaccine should be made in a large quantity. It will not possible to send in each and every corner of the world. As it becomes a pandemic crisis vaccines will be given those who can afford it, leaving poorer ones short. Till then you have to maintain the guidelines given by WHO. Wash your hand, treat the mild symptoms conventionally, maintain distance from gathering.