How to Control Emotions – The Power of Not Reacting

You can do 100 things right, but it takes only one thoughtless reactive action to destroy it all. As we grow spiritually, we must attempt to enter into a state of non-judgementalism and to be more unconditional in our capacity to be more loving, tolerant, and forgiving of others. Here we will let you know, how to control emotions.

Think of how many friendships and relationships with loved ones have been lost damaged or permanently destroyed within a second as a result of being reactive. Especially never speak in anger.

How to Control Emotions – The Power of Not Reacting

Redirect your speech in prayerful and meditation. Words are so powerful. What do you say can never be erased. It becomes an Akashic record. It will follow you to infinity; it will even hurt your personality and your reputation. Use your words to heal uplift build and bless everyone.

Do not use your words to divide and destroy others. Sometimes when you want to reactivate. It is important to practice spiritual art to practice waiting. Because so much more is revealed in time, and this leads to positive spiritual transformation. Look back over your life.

Remember a time when you reacted and later realize that waiting for old habits been better for you and everyone else. By taking time for ourselves we are low divine intelligence to work on a subconscious level in ourselves and in others so that we may be shown what to do next.

The process of not reacting is a spiritual practice that develops yourself. It makes you more conscious and open to listen to the voice of divine wisdom causing you to see things from a broader perspective. When you are more conscious your character starts to change.

A conscious person is more compassionate. Happiness is not possible without self-discipline. Every situation in life is the platform where you get to experience the quality of your consciousness. For us to operate from a place of pure consciousness be completely free from all negative conditioning, all complete this all unhealthy likes and dislikes, prejudice this so that we may have absolute neutrality.

All situations we are faced with happening in order to provide us with opportunities for growth and learning. They prepare us for things that may happen in the future to ourselves or others. In the present moment these things can not so clearly be seen. By not reacting we allow ourselves to enter more into a neutral space of our own divinity.

Then it becomes clear in the time why things unfold the way they did. We must keep in mind that the creator always reveals his vastness and infinite wisdom to mortal mine over time. The same away you must always look at the action of true spiritual master overtime.

It is important for us to work upon ourselves constantly in order to ensure that in a moment of forgetfulness we do not become reactive and hot anyone who has done something that according to a mortal perception is seen as being wrong or has cost us frustration or anger.

Our perception of reality can change our reality and throw a lot of words and actions. We can change that reality for others as well. If we choose to see sunshine then that is what we will see and we will not give power to the dark clouds that loom to spoil the day.

If we choose to focus on the negative aspect of everything the negativity will penetrate the way we see everything.

If we choose to go through our challenges with a smile on our face then our challenges will never have a chance to cling to us like mud.

When through a lack of consciousness we choose to give the power of our good feeling and of all joy to someone else who is excessively critical then we allow our good feelings and joy to be clouded by their negativity and as a result of giving away our power, we spiral down and down into the mud.

Do not allow an overly critical person to make you feel negative. Some overly critical people often have unreasonably high expectations for their own accomplishments and personal behavior. Most of them are smart, talented, and effective.

Sometimes they are so set in their ways that they are narrow mindedness causes them to constantly complain and look down on those who do not share their limited view of life. If someone is criticizing everything that others and you are doing, maintain your sense of positivity and do not allow them to pull you in their negative storm.

Never accept another person‘s reality as your own. Do not identify with another person‘s opinion unless it makes you a better person. Do not place to most importance on other people’s opinions about you unless it makes you a better human being.

One of the great losses of spirituality is that one must be the most severe judge of ourselves and the most understanding friend to others. We always have to do remember when you quickly judge or criticize anyone we don’t even know what severe troubles a person that looked better off than ourselves has been through in the past or what silence sorrow are hidden behind appearances.

We don’t even know what brutal trials may await them in the near future that we may or may never know about. Life is full of so many difficulties even for those who appear to be well-off.

The more conscious we become, before trying to see the force of others, we must work hard and discovering their qualities or everything that can bring ask closer to them, everything about them that we can help develop,  so that it may blossom like a beautiful flower spreading its healing fragrance to uplift its surroundings.

Life is truly what we allow and make it to be. Train your mind to see the good in every situation. No good has ever come out of reacting. Karma is action and reaction. We only create further undesirable karma when we react.

The acting prevents us from controlling our reality. Think of you if your symptoms the circumstances as a test of your spiritual character. When we react we are operating from a low frequency and everything that we do from a low frequency has a ripple effect that pervades every aspect of our actions.

The aspect of that when we act from the low vibration of being upset, emotional, angry, or fearful that low vibration goes on to influence everyone we interact with. In essence you are transferring that low vibration on to others.

When you lower your vibration you are no longer a force for good because in everything that you are doing you are causing pain. When we do not operate from a high vibration everything that we do lose to pain.

Therefore it is important that we give ourselves both time and space so as to gain the strength and wisdom that we need to be neutral and create a platform that can give birth to healing actions. The best way to get light is by learning to resist reacting and the best time to resist is when you feel like you are on the verge of reacting.

When you are about to react stop and use the power of your breath to bring your mind control. For example, inhale to a count of 20, hold the break to a count of 20 and exhale to a count of 20. Continue for a couple of minutes until you do you have your mind under control. Always remember that the mind always follows the breath.

The breath is the king of mind. When you control your mind you control your reality. During the day we are faced with many opportunities to react which are actually opportunities to accumulate light.

Every time you resist the urge to react you are collecting light and your willpower is strengthened. The spiritual practice of not reacting will give you strong will power, self-control, and confidence. When you control yourself you can control the events of your life and direct them you know where that is harmonious.

You are no longer a victim of circumstances instant you become a creator of circumstances. Indeed, if you can control yourself you can control the forces of nature. If you cannot control yourself you cannot control your reality.

In other words, when you can prevent yourself from reacting you can control the events of your life. You can redirect them positively. If you can not control yourself and your reactions then you cannot control the collisions of your life.

Every time you prevent yourself from thinking, feeling, speaking, acting, and behaving negatively you are increasing your light. The same is true for existing that I had to say something negative even about yourself. What do you say about yourself can make you or break you.

The worse we speak our creative. They’re creating every aspect of our lives on a daily basis. What’s our expressed thought and it is the nature of our mind to condense thought into form. Not reacting allows us to do double up the capacity to expand ours in order to embrace the totality of life. Life is one percent has seen and 99% unseen.

The one percent that we can see is a limited and false reality, whereas the 99% can only be seen when we go beyond the five senses. The paradox is that most people rely on 99% of the time on the 1% vacancy.

Sadly, our self, our body of pain is preventing us from accessing this rich and limitless aspect of life that makes up the 99% and as a result we are left to experience only 1% of life, fraught with limitations and struggles of all kinds. The truth is our life easy reflection of our consciousness.

We get what we are and we see things the way that we are. We see things through the distortion of our filter, through our body of pain. When we give in to impulsive behavior we create more problems for ourselves. Reacting causes us to become victims of our false selves.

We need to prevent ourselves from becoming a slave to our body of pain. As we align ourselves with the forces of light we must do our best, even in times of frustration and anger, to see the light that exists in the darkness and follow it.

We must hold onto a positive way of looking at every event or situation and to look back in times of darkness and found a miracle and a blessing that we had received from our lives. The blessing we have received from the separate wisdom, in order to see how far we have come.

It is important to be tolerant and act with Grace. By acting with love and grace we heal the person who needs to be healed, including those, are stated and directly connected with that situation, and not even know that they need healing.

A good way to overcome any resistance is to always act in consultation with your own divinity and intuition. Humanity, your compassion, and your carefulness as you stay present and find the perfection of God in each moment and with the help of prayer use these qualities to restore harmony.

We must appeal to the higher angel of our nature. As we surrender to this great work we should not forget that we made at times be jealous, especially if we are to grow and become the perfect being that exists inside of us now we must become examples through which obstacles of the most complicated kind can be resolved through our commitment to tolerance compassion and spiritual transcendence.

We must acknowledge in truth the true temptation of the body of pain and how to transplant it. We have to develop healthy ways of using our ego to do the right thing as a post to reacting from our false self.

We must align ourselves with the divine so that we may become an extension and creative presence on earth. True love removes suffering and brings joy and create happiness. The healthiest form of jeans always transpires throw the process of evolution and not revolution.

We must take into account a lot of love and evolution as we create change. The law of love must be applied throughout all changes. Remember the law of love makes everything easy faith, makes everything possible and hope makes everything work.

Unconditional love makes it possible for us to rise beyond the false self so that we may penetrate the hearts of all those we interact with. The truth is our perception of life creators our reality.

By choosing to direct our thoughts, our feelings, our words, our actions, and a large attitude consciously and positively we can transform and improve everything around us. Now let us practice this guided meditation which will be preventing you from reacting.

You can do it at any time especially when you were about to react.

Let’s begin. Inhale deeply, hold the breath and mentally repeat the divine command: let there be light, let them live there be light, let there be light.

As you exhale slowly mentally vibrate?

let there be light before me, let there be light behind me, let there be light at my left, let there be light at my right, let there be light above me, let there be light beneath me, repeat this simple practice for three breaths.

To end, inhale deeply, hold the breath and exhale calmly. Remember this is a simple divine command and that will prevent you from reacting, for light is the principle of perfection.

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